Lanett Receives Third Grant for Downtown

on June 29, 2017

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LANETT — Mayor Kyle McCoy had some good news to share Monday with members of the Lanett City Council: the city’s third request for grant funding for a downtown streetscape project had been approved. The mayor told the council that he’d just received a letter from Alabama Governor Kay Ivey that federal funds in the amount of $368,747.20 will be awarded to the city. This will cover costs associated with Phase III of the project, which runs from the North Lanier Avenue bridge over Tanyard Creek to the Georgia state line.

Phase I of the project was approved in 2016. It’s for improvements in the downtown triangle area and includes just under $230,000. Phase II was approved in April of this year. It’s for just over $220,000 and will provide for street improvements from the historic downtown district, past city hall to the state line. Altogether, the city has been approved for close to $820,000 for this project.

“All of North Lanier has been approved for this,” Mayor McCoy said. “The entire area will be landscaped, streetscaped and with new lighting.” The mayor thanked the members of the local legislative delegation — State Reps. Bob Fincher and Isaac Whorton and State Sen. Gerald Dial — for their help in getting this approved. He also thanked grant writer Louise Campbell and consultant Tim Kant for their assistance.

“We’re very excited about this. Some good things are going on in Lanett right now,” Mayor McCoy said. Phases I and III are federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grants and will be bid out by the state. Phase II is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and the city will be sending out the bids on that part of the project.

“We will be bidding out our portion on Friday, and the state will be doing their parts very soon,” McCoy said.

The mayor commended city work crews on recently having done some work in preparation for this. Some water lines that crossed North Lanier were rerouted in a way to avoid this. This lessens the likelihood of having to dig up the street to repair lines. Mayor McCoy thinks the project will be a fast moving one.

“I think we will have an entirely new look this time next year,” he said. The mayor said he feels good about another grant request that’s been made, one for some improvements for the playground across from W.O. Lance Elementary School. Just under $42,000 is being sought on a walking trail project. If approved, this would provide for a new walking trail along the middle and lower terraces, some security lighting and landscaping. The city has also received some grant money for two new police cars.

“It’s through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),” the mayor explained. “We will also be looking at some water projects through this.”

In action taken at Monday’s meeting, HarrisGray LLC of West Point was approved to do some engineering and inspection services for the North Lanier Avenue project. This will not exceed $9,660. Mayor McCoy said he wanted it clearly understood that the city in no way had anything to do with the management or upkeep of Resthaven Memorial Gardens on Highway 50. He said there had been some recent calls to city hall about this.

“We are responsible for three cemeteries, and they are all located in the city limits,” he said. “They are Oakwood, Hillcrest and Pine Hill.” The mayor added that recent rains had been good for backyard gardeners but not so great for city workers who have lots of grass to cut. Council Member Charles Looser said that he’d gotten some good comments about the city having a new grapple truck in service.

“It’s made a difference in picking up curbside debris,” he said. Council Member Tony Malone urged citizens to take part in the annual Juneteenth celebration, which will be taking on the grounds of Goodsell Methodist Church on Saturday, June 17.

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