Workforce Statistics

Alabama is a right-to-work state. For more detailed workforce information, contact the Chambers County Development Authority at (334) 642-1412.

Current Workforce Stats

AreaLabor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate

Info based on May 2017 data.

2016 Average Workforce Stats

AreaLabor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate

Source: Based on 2016 data from the Alabama Department of Labor.

Regional Workforce

AreaLabor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
Chambers County15,29114,7255663.7
Tallapoosa County18,52517,8276983.8
Randolph County9,3668,9953714.0
Lee County74,47571,7442,7313.7
Heard County (GA)5,2114,9502615.0
Troup County (GA)36,88135,2061,6754.5
Harris County (GA)15,85515,1736824.3
Area Totals:25,08624,0899984.1

Source: Based on May 2017 data from the Alabama Department of Labor and the Georgia Department of Labor Workforce Statistics & Economic Research.

February 2017 Underemployment

Region 525.03%93,678
Chambers County25.1%4,470

Note: Rounding errors may be present. Based on February 2017 labor force data and 2016 underemployment rates. Region 5 includes Autauga, Bullock, Chambers, Coosa, Dallas, Elmore, Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, Perry, Russell and Tallapoosa Counties.

Source: Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Alabama and Alabama Department of Labor.

Commuting Patterns

commutingin 2013update


Total Primary Jobs: 7,850
Workers Living and Working in Chambers County: 3,598
Total Employed in Chambers County, but Living Outside
the County: 4,252

Area Counties Sending Workers:

Lee County (AL)1,55419.8%
Troup County (GA)4145.3%
Randolph County (AL)2002.5%
Tallapoosa County (AL)1852.4%
Russell County (AL)1552.0%
Jefferson County (AL)1281.6%
Harris County (GA)911.2%
Montgomery County (AL)891.1%
Talladega County (AL)831.1%
All other locations1,35317.2%
Commutingout 2013update


Total Primary Jobs: 13,539
Total Living Chambers County, but Employed Outside the County: 9,941

Area Counties Receiving Workers:

Troup County (GA)2,93721.7%
Lee County (AL)2,76920.5%
Jefferson County (AL)4943.6%
Montgomery County (AL)4873.6%
Randolph County (AL)3392.5%
Tallapoosa County (AL)1851.4%
Calhoun County (AL)1801.3%
Shelby County (AL)1801.3%
Tuscaloosa County (AL)1691.2%
All other locations2,20116.3%


Commuting Patterns Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies, On the Map. 2014 Statistics.

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