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EAMC – Lanier

Chambers County has one hospital located in the City of Valley, EAMC-LANIER. The hospital is a 98-bed facility with 35 active physicians on staff. There is an emergency room open 24/7, and a 103-bed skilled nursing home is adjacent to the hospital. George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital opened in 1950 and was the first U.S. hospital to be built under the Hill-Burton Hospital Survey and Construction Act. Like EAMC, Lanier is accredited by The Joint Commission.

In 2011, Lanier Health Services (now EAMC-LANIER) added a new Medical Pavilion located at 267 Fob James Drive in Valley, Alabama. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (all times Eastern).

In October of 2015, EAMC-Lanier opened an inpatient unit for Acute Rehabilitation services. The ARU has a 19-bed capacity and serves patients from all over the Southeastern region. Many of the patients being referred by their physician are stroke victims. Others are victims of automobile accidents, total hip or knee replacement patients and those that need general rehabilitation to help them manage their everyday surroundings at home. In addition to the rehab unit, there is a well-equipped rehab gym located around the corner from the unit. The gym provides rehab in the areas of showering, making a bed, loading and unloading a washer and dryer, loading and unloading a dishwasher, folding clothes, stair climbing, sitting, standing and lifting. Dr. Fred Aziz is the acting Medical Director of the unit.

In July of 2016, EAMC-Lanier opened a substance abuse Detox Unit. The unit serves as an inpatient medical detoxification and recovery facility where all aspects of recovery are managed. Individual and group sessions are available to the patients to help them develop a relapse- prevention plan. 24-hour consultation is available by calling (800) 583-2197.

Two Hospitals – One Mission

The consolidation of hospitals is not unique to our area and joining forces with existing health care facilities aren’t a foreign concept for EAMC (East Alabama Medical Center, Opelika, AL - thirty minutes South of Valley, AL). Prior to the end of 2013, an agreement was signed between EAMC officials and Lanier Health Services to begin management of George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital (Lanier Health Services) in Valley. This affiliation will extend the reach of EAMC to all of Chambers County and will align EAMC with Lanier Health Services in continuing its long history of service to Chambers County and the Chattahoochee Valley. A combined operating philosophy should benefit the citizens of Chambers County greatly and continue to provide the quality of health care everyone has come to expect across a much broader base.

More information on Lanier is available at

East Alabama Medical Center located in Opelika is approximately 30 minutes south of the City of Valley while West Georgia Medical Center is approximately 30 minutes north of the City of Valley. Additionally, The Medical Center, Doctors Hospital and St. Francis Hospital is located in Columbus, GA and is approximately 45 minutes from the City of Valley.

Occupational Health Program

EAMC-Lanier has recently expanded their services to include an Occupational Health program. The program provides yet another support service for Chambers County business and industry and is referred to as East Alabama Occupational Medicine.

In addition to a Corporate Wellness program which includes screenings and education, EAMC-Lanier’s OH programs include onsite services such 1st Responder Training (CPR, AED, first aid), Reasonable Suspicion training for Management, complimentary mini health screens, flu shots, Hep-B vaccines, FIT testing, pulmonary function testing, vision and whisper tests, ergonomics consults, drug screening (urine, hair) and breath alcohol testing. A wide array of OH services are available in the clinics.

Additionally, Occupational Medicine physician, Dr. J. Garth Stauffer, M.D., currently serves as the Medical Director for the OH program. The clinics provide pre-employment physical exams (DOT and non-DOT), drug screens (hair and urine), pulmonary function tests/respiratory clearance, audiometric testing, vaccines, physical capacity exams, Return-to-work and Fit for Duty exams, nicotine testing and workman’s comp and post-accident visits, and POET testing among other services. The newest addition to the program is an “after-hours” service which was launched in December of 2017. The after-hours service is designed for non-emergency incidents including post-accident and/or reasonable suspicion. This service is available between 5:01 pm and 7:59 am and may be reached by phoning (334) 710-0444.

There are two occupational health clinics in the area. The first is located 267 Fob James Drive in Valley, AL and appointments may be made by phoning (334) 756-3163. The second location is at 2515 East Glenn Avenue, Suite 106, in Auburn, AL and may be reached by calling (334) 821-7788.

For more information about Occupational Health and Wellness, contact:

Cindy Brooks
Director, Business Development
Occupational Health & Wellness
4800 48th Street
Valley, AL 36854

MainStreet Family Care

Since opening in 2017, MainStreet Family Care located in Valley has been dedicated to helping families and residents of Chambers County heal and feel better. Open late 7 days a week, the walk-in clinic treats all of life's little emergencies such as strep throat, cold and flu. The on-site x-ray allows the staff to examine broken bones, fractures, and strains, and the staff is equipped to perform a number of other minor procedures from stitches, abscess drainage, to IV fluids, and more. In the last year, due to the national and statewide healthcare professional shortage, the urgent care expanded its services to offer primary care and continues to encourage total health among its patients by offering wellness screenings and preventative care. As the company continues to grow, MainStreet Family Care looks to expand healthcare accessibility to the furthest corners of the state through telemedicine. MainStreet Family Care has not only brought state-of-the-art healthcare technology to the area but also gives back to the community by sponsoring the Chamber of Commerce, taking mascot Dr. Wags around town, and hosting events such as the Fourth of July Hometown Festival in conjunction with the City of Valley.

MainStreet Family Care is located one block away from Walmart on Hwy 29 in Valley at:

3306 20th Ave
Valley, AL 36854

We are open Monday- Friday 8:00am- 8:00pm and Saturday- Sunday 8:00am- 6:00pm
Contact Us at:
(334) 756-0305

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