AL & GA Immigration Law Seminar

on February 10, 2012

On January 26, 2012, The CCDA and Nelson, Mullins, Riley, & Scarborough LLP partnered together to host an Alabama & Georgia Immigration Law Seminar for Alabama and Georgia companies. This seminar was an informative presentation that broke down the sections of the recently passed Immigration Law in both states. Conducted by Ms. June Towery and Ms. Elizabeth McKee from Nelson, Mullins, Riley, & Scarborough, The information was presented in both English and Korean. The E-Verify Mandate was the first item discussed and it was noted that Alabama employers must register and begin using the E-Verify system by April 1, 2012. For employers doing business with Alabama, a municipality, or a state funded entity, the requirement took effect January 1, 2012. For businesses with 25 or less employees, the Alabama Department of Homeland Security allows use of service free of charge. Although it is not required by the law to E-Verify Independent contractors to do business with them , it is violating federal law if you have constructive knowledge they are employing unauthorized citizens. It was also noted that if you are not a legal citizen of the US and Alabama, you are not allowed to receive public benefits except primary or secondary school education, emergency medical health care, emergency disaster relief, public health assistance for immunizations, certain non-profit programs, prenatal care, and child protective services. According to the Alabama Law acceptable forms of identification include unexpired Alabama driver’s license or non-driver ID, valid tribal enrollment card, unexpired US federal or state government issued ID bearing a photo or other biometric identifier, foreign passport with an unexpired US Visa and a corresponding stamp or notation by the US Department of Homeland Security, a foreign passport issued by a visa waiver country. During the seminar, the audience was informed that no unauthorized aliens can enter into business transactions with the State or a political subdivision of the state. This includes application services. This applies to registration of motor vehicles, applying for and renewing driver’s licenses and business licenses, renewing motor vehicle license plates, etc. It was stated that like every law there are direct and indirect consequences, there also glitches in the law and E-Verify system that have not been worked out at this point. The law is still currently under consideration by the Federal and State courts. News articles that have been printed about the new immigration law were also shown at the seminar to show the audience that this is gaining national coverage and is bigger than just a state issue. Information explaining the law, much like what was described above, was given to audience members for them to take to their companies and be dispersed by Nelson, Mullins, Riley, & Scarborough LLP.

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