Press Release From Denise Phillpot, W.F. Burns Junior High School

on March 16, 2015

I am seeking funding for a class set of Samsung Chromebooks.  I am using Donors Choose as a funding source. I have had people in the community to donate Chromebooks and donate money to make the purchase. I now have 11 and have a project for two more on Donors Choose.  My Plan is to keep doing the Donors Choose until I reach my goal of 30. If your company or employees feel led to invest in our students we would be so appreciative.  My Donors Choose page is listed below.  

My Students: Do you remember your first assignment in school that required research? Do you also remember how hard it was to get current information for your assignment? This project will help the students in our school gather current and accurate information to use in completing their assignments

The students at my school love coming to the library. It is a very busy place and is home to the yearbook staff and students who are currently taking online classes to gain high school credits through a program called ACCESS. Sixty-five percent of our students receive free and reduced price lunches. The county unemployment rate is 7.4% which is much better than in 2009 when it was 17%. The average household income is $30,000. The unemployment rate and the average household income for this area leads us as educators to know that there is not extra money in these households to provide the technology needed for students to succeed in school and in the job force. Our schools need to be able to step up and provide avenues for students to explore, use, and access information to prepare our students for the future. Students need to be taught what types of technology is available and needed to succeed in society. Our students are eager to learn and will benefit greatly by having a class set of Chromebooks.

My Project: Students at our school will have a Chromebook available at each table in the library/media center to search for books to read for enjoyment and research. They will have the tools needed to collaborate on group projects, locate, retrieve and compile information from a wide variety of web resources. They will not only have the resources available to them in their school library but they will have access to all the libraries in the school system and the public library because we are all connected. They will learn how to access information with confidence and without waiting on a computer to become available. The computers we have are outdated, slow running and being used by ACCESS students which hinders the students conducting research from having ready access to a computer.

The addition of these technology resources will improve our students'

ability to find resources for enjoyment and for research. Students being able to operate technology successfully is a key component for success in today's educational system and in the work force. Our students need to be able to leave us with the confidence needed to be successful learners. This addition to our school will directly influence the learning for every student now and for many years to come. 

MY STUDENTS NEED a class set Chromebooks in the library to assist them in locating books on the Online Library Catalog and to locate up to date and accurate information for projects.  A class set of Chromebooks would allow teachers to check out the set and use it in their classroom.

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