Site Prep Grants

on February 10, 2012

A valuable incentive and asset to the State of Alabama and to Chambers County is the state’s Site Prep Grant Fund. The State Industrial Development Authority is authorized to issue grants for the preparation of project sites. The grant funds can be utilized as reimbursement for preparation of a means of access to the site; provision for adequate drainage of the site to prevent the accumulation of excess natural waters thereon; boundary and topographical surveying, clearing and grubbing, and excavating; the reasonable rehabilitation of buildings and other structures; and, other work relative to site preparation deemed necessary or appropriate. Grants are available for accessing, excavating, surveying, clearing and grubbing, and draining the site, providing reasonable rehabilitation of buildings and other structures, and other necessary and appropriate site preparation. The size of the grant awarded from the SIDA is based upon the initial capital investment within the county. This is guided by a percentage based graph. The Chambers County Development Authority, as the local economic development organization, is pleased to assist companies with grant applications and receiving the reimbursement money from the state. In December of 2011, the CCDA was awarded two grants on behalf of two local companies within Chambers County. This money was reimbursement to each company for a percentage of what the company and CCDA spent on site preparation work when the companies initially located in the county and also when they expanded. We appreciate the business we have in Chambers County and will work hard to help keep them as successful as possible.

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